Friday, December 24, 2010

From the Journal 21/12

Everything is wet and that include our sleeping bags! The time is 0:21 December 21 and sleeping is unthinkable because we are lying in a flooded tent.

We are in the most southern part of Argentina and are celebrating Christmas in the Patagonian mountains. This morning, we headed out under windy and slightly rainy conditions for a five days hike with the aim to explore the glacier. Patagonia is infamous for its strong cold winds and unpredictable weather and this day was no exception. The further we went into the track the more it rained and it was to continue like this for the rest of the day. We arrived at the campsite at 8 o’clock after a seven hours continuous walk. Even though, our rain gears are top of the line, made with the latest of water proof fabrics, they couldn’t stand these conditions, and every clothes underneath them were soaked when we arrived. There was nothing to do other than pitching the tent at a reasonable wind protected spot and then try to get some sleep. Cooking food isn’t an option at this point, the wind is to strong and it’s too cold outside. The breakfast from this morning will be the only real food we had today. It’s easy to have a romantic view of nature when it’s sunny, calm and warm. Today it is everything but this yet this is exactly what our aim is; to increase our confidence in nature under rough conditions. With that said have a really nice Christmas everyone.

/Chris and DJ


  1. Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder. God jul och gott nytt!

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