About us

Dennis Johansson

Time to enjoy life is now and it will always be.

I left Sweden a couple of years ago to meet the world and it welcomed me with open arms. I’m always up for a challenge, in every form it might take, and I won’t think twice before throwing myself of a cliff (yes both literally and metaphorically). I love meeting new places and new people. I state I speak four languages fluently but at least if you’re Spanish you wouldn’t agree. Traveling for me is a lifestyle that suits me perfect at the moment.  

If the grass is greener on the other side, you will find me there. 

Krister Andersson

The world is my playground and I want to play around and have fun wherever I am. To do this I have to be fit, not esthetically but functionally. I want to be able to do everything that comes to my mind without having to worry about any physical or mental inadequacies. To me fitness is freedom, and I’ll use it to discover every corner of the world. And yeah I am a Crossfitter!