Monday, December 13, 2010

Crossfit XF Chile

We had one week of rest in Santiago and therefore we decided to go and visit the local box and do some Crossfit. We have been craving for this a long time so we were really pumped to get started again. There are two boxes in Santiago one in the north and the other one in the south. We picked Crossfit XF - the northern one. It turned out to be a good choice because the guys there were really cool and friendly. The language of Crossfit is universal so despite that one of us doesn’t know a word of Spanish they manage to make everything perfectly clear.

We decided to pay for a whole week, which meant we had to do five sessions straight without any resting day. It went pretty good the first day but after too long a time without Crossfit we had more or less lost our intensity. The trainers were really helpful though, by standing and shouting in Spanish as soon as we tried do take a rest. There are hardly any fitness routines that are capable to induce such severe muscle soreness as Crossfit and after the second session we could barely walk. We realized that nearly two month of walking doesn’t really help improving your Crossfit!

It was an awesome week and we managed to tick off some of the girls and a 1.5 hour boot camp team WOD. Thanks a lot to Ricardo and everyone at Crossfit XF - keep up the good work!

/Chris and DJ

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