Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Wildman Spa

The spa facility is located in the middle of a beautiful rainforest with a perfect view of a glacier and Mount Cock. You have several different hot pools to choose from, and with a temperature ranging from 22 to 40 degrees you’ll be sure to find one perfect just for you. If you are nice enough the friendly staff will give you a nice piece of fresh meat, directly from the local hunter… If you forgot to bring your margarine, your army facial paste will do the trick. It won’t cost you a cent the only catch is that you have to walk there through very tough terrain in pouring rain for about 6 hours… and back.

We hitchhiked all the way down the west coast from Greymouth (about 250 km) to get there. We really would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to pick us up, despite our huge bags and rugged appearance: The local engine enthusiast who wanted to pay back for all the hitchhiking he had done in his youth, the young Scottish lad on his way to his girlfriend, the nice Danish couple in their campervan – great time, the mum from fox glacier – good luck with your business, Katharina and Christian aus Deutschalnd – hope you’ll bring back some nice memories from New Zealand and last but not least thank you Christoph and Bernd for a fantastic dinner, the cold beer and the lift all the way down to Wanaka. Thank you everyone, you really helped us out!
/Chris and DJ

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